Animated Buttons with CSS3 : Plugin WordPress para generar botones animados

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14 Respuestas

  1. dice:

    thiis is real cool blugin but i can’t change the size of download button

  2. ted dice:

    i like this but when i tried to add links either it did not link to the page i wanted or my entire page looked like the button

  3. danish dice:

    i placed my text for the labe as “Download Me” . How do i hyperlink this text to another url?

  4. How can I open the link in new window using this button

  5. I am trying to figure out how to use this plugin. I activated it, but it isn’t showing any buttons to insert into my blogs. I know this problem is me, but could you help please? Maybe it takes time to show up?

  6. Century Inovation dice:

    hola y como los instalo??

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